70+ One Word Captions in Hindi/Urdu for Instagram in 2020

One Word Captions In Hindi/Urdu for Instagram

Hello People. Here we are back with another popular demand of you One word captions in Hindi/Urdu. Hindi is such a beautiful language, expressing your feeling as a Hindi caption has become a trend which is followed by various big celebrities.

One word captions in Hindi/Urdu are something that gets some touch from our culture and connects us to our ground. The trend is already set, if you wanna be a part of this then go through our list of some beautiful words from Hindi language.

Here is a list of 70+ Hindi one word captions with their meanings carefully handpicked for the Instagrammers out there.

1. जिजीविषा (the strong eternal)

2. शबनम (dew) 

3. हायात (existence) 

4. इनायत (blessing) 

5. सहर (morning) 

6. Afreen (beautiful) 

7. आफताब (sun) 

8. रंजिश (anguish) 

9. यायावर (wanderer) 

10. Kosaaron (mountains) 

11. इसरार (insist) 

12. Shikasta (broken) 

13. बशर (mankind) 

14. Fazeelat (excellence) 

15. Shreshtha

16. हिकायत (story) 

17. Ruhaniyat (soulfullness) 

18. इलाही (god) 

19. Falak (heaven) 

20. Akhlaq (ethics) 

21. अतीत (past) 

22. Sarkashi (rebellion) 

23. Raqs (dance) 

24. Lafani (immortal) 

25. Musalsal (consant) 

26. रिवायत (tradition) 

26. Fanaa (destroy) 

27. Mehtab (moon) 

28. कशिश (attraction) 

29. इख़्तियार (control) 

30. ऐतबार (trust) 

31. हैरत (surprise) 

32. इबादत (worship) 

33. Tehzeeb (manners) 

34. नूर (light) 

35. Habib (friend) 

36.Justaju (desire) 

37. ख्वाब (dream) 

38. ख्वाजा (lord) 

39. सजदा (to pay respect) 

40. रैना (night) 

41. बावरा (mad) 

42. Zehnaseeb (blesses) 

43. Mukhtalif (different) 

44. सिफर (nothingness) 

45. वाबस्ता (attached) 

46. मुसाफिर (traveller) 

47. Tabassum (smile) 

48. Tarannum (continuation) 

49. Bakht (fortune) 

50. Shab (night) 

51. ग़मगीन (sad) 

52. Shiddat (intensity) 

53. कृत्रिम (artificial) 

54. प्रज्ञा (wisdom) 

55. Bhishjyati (healing) 

56. Tamak (passion) 

57. बेखुदी (ecstasy) 

58. ख़ुल्द (paradise) 

59. साहिल ( shore) 

60. शगुफ़्ता (bloomed) 

61. हूर (fairy) 

62. माहरु (splendidly luminous) 

63. Zemira (a song) 

64.बज़्म-ए-याराँ (gathering of friends) 

65. अना (ego) 

67. Ala rasi (anything for you) 

68. महदूद (limited) 

69. मुंतज़िर (awaited) 

70. ब़रोज़ाँ (luminous) 

71. Kun faya kun ( be, and it is) 

72. विरह  (the grief of separation) 

73. सावरिया (beloved) 

74. तिश्रना (thirsty) 

75. Raftaa raftaa (gradually)

So, how was it? We hope you liked the beautiful words with beautiful meanings in hindi. Use them as captions and show your literature knowledge with friends with these One word captions in hindi. Incase you want more one word captions see these one word captions.

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