Top 57 Short and Sweet Dog Captions for Instagram your dog would Love

Short And Sweet Dog Captions

Hey People, Are you looking for some cool words for Your Doggo to share with your friends?

 No Worries! Status Square is here with the best Short Cool Captions for your pawsy. 

Personally picked with the same love you have with your cutie these are the perfect captions you would love to share with your friends.


1. Hell ya I ate your homework, what you gonna do about it?

2. Ooh, it tastes like chicken

3. I wish I could text my dog.

4. Dogs are PAWesome


5. Whoever said Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…Never had a dog.

6. Live. Love. Bark.

7. Dogaholic

8. When everyone thinks you came as a mouse for Halloween but they’re just your ears

9. All dogs are therapy dogs. The majority of them are just freelancing.

10. I'm sorry I can't make it into work today. My dog just laid his head on my foot and 
well, that's that

11. When a dog is in your life there is always a reason to smile

12. I was born to pet all the dogs

13. If I trust you with my dog I trust you with my life

14. My true love has four paws

15. Of Course, Dogs laugh It's just with their tails

16. I pawmish to love you every day

17. Be the person your dog thinks you are

18. My goal in life? To be a stay-at-home dog parent

19. Dogs are like potato chips It's hard to have just one

20. Dogs are the best people


21. It's not just dog hair. It's labrador glitter

22. A house is never lonely where a loving dog waits

23. Dogs are proof that God wants us to be happy

24. Money can buy you a fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail

25. If there are no dogs in heaven I'm not going

26. Home is where my dog is


28. Parties without dogs are just meetings

29. "It's just a dog" Kinda people just aren't for me

30. Sorry I cannot come to work today. My dog said NO

31. You know what's better than a dog's love...NOTHING

32. My windows aren't dirty...That's my dog's nose art

33. I will keep staring at you until you do the thing I want- Your Dog

34. Eat. Sleep. Snuggle Dog. Repeat

35. The more people I meet the more I like my Dog

36. Coffee and Dog make the world go round

37. I don't if I have a boy or a Girl as long as It's a happy healthy puppy

38. Boys whatever..Dogs Forever


39. I only workout so I can hold my dog like a baby

40. Stay PAWsitive...It's Friday


41. You what I like most about people..Their Dogs

42. Life is Short..Spoil your Dog

43. Dogs before Dudes

44. Scooby-Doo taught us that in the end real monsters are always humans

45. I wonder what my Dog named me.

46. A Dog is love's purest Shadow

47. I just want to drink wine and rescue dogs

48. Blessed and Dog Obsessed

49. I can't have Kids. My dog is allergic

50. Relationship Status-->Dog-Mum

51. It was love at first sniff


52. Everything I know I learned from Dogs

53. At least my dog thinks I'm Awesome

54. Thank Dog! It's Friday

55. When I need a hand I found your Paw

56. No home decor is complete without dog hair

57. If I can't bring my Dog I'm not coming's over. We know dog quotes are never too much for a dog lover nor us but the above quotes are the best ones that we personally handpicked for your cutie pie. Show love to your love of life with these Short and Sweet Dog captions for Instagram. Also do check our other posts for the best captions out in the world.

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