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100+ One Word Caption Ideas For Instagram

Want to post a pic on Instagram  but confused about what to have in the caption? 
Here is a list of perfect trendy one word captions for Instagram.

Why One word Captions?

Do you know that the average attention span of a human being is less than 1 second on social media? They will just see the photo and move forward if your caption feels to be too long, high chances are it will be skipped. Captions express your feelings behind the pic and it's important for the viewer to know about that(to avoid misunderstandings). So, we use one word captions that are trendy, awesome and time saver(yours and the viewer's).

Sometimes you get a shortage of words and need some inspiration. We have collected some one word captions for your different moods and different photos.

One word captions

Positive One Word Caption for Instagram

one word captions
Positive One word caption
-h a p p y
-Bonheur (happiness)
one word captions-Magic*
-Curious af

Sad One word caption for Instagram

sad one word captions
One word caption for sadness
-Try me
-Espoir (hope)
-Life goes on...
-Some regrets
one word captions
-worry less
-Sh*t happens
-Exhale shit
-Deal with it
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Attitude One word caption for Instagram

attitude one word captions
Attitude one word caption
-Potterhead(Fan of harry potter)
-Natural Actual Factual
-fine as wine
--Bossy b*tch
-No more
-You do you
-Allergic to people
-Maybe not?
-Own your mess
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Cool One Word Captions for Instagram

cool one word captions
Cool one word caption

-Sweet but psycho
-ootd(outfit of the day)
-I can't relate
-Screw perfect
-Weekend vibes
-Stay golden
-Coffee helps
-Out n about
-high school king
-Boom shaka laka
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Enjoying One Word Caption for Instagram

One word caption for Enjoyment
-chasing sun
-Sunny hunny
-Last friday night
one word captions-mad world
-Endless blue             
-The place to be
-lil foreign vibe
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Motivation One Word Instagram Caption

motivation one word captions
One word caption for motivation
-Rise in Shine
-Make it happen
-Electric dreams
-C R E A T E
-making history
-try again
-Day after day
-Energized morning
one word captions-Insane
-Big Goals
-Optimism till hell

Love One Word Instagram Caption

love one word captions
One word caption for love

-Can I get yes?
-F A K E L O V E
-Je' taime (I love you)
-Better together
-Let's cuddle
-you complete me
-too sweet
one word captions-loved
-her vibe is pretty
-The one
one word captions-firstlove
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Selfie One Word Instagram Caption

selfie one word captions
One word caption for selfies
-not your babe
-Catch a glimpse
-issa look
one word captions\-yuckfo
-Hot mess
-sweet n simple
-God's masterpiece
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One Word Instagram Caption For Friends

one word captions for friends
One word caption for friends
 one word captions-homegirl
-Stupids are real
-Perfect spoilers

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One word caption in Hindi

Afreen (beautiful) 
Ruhaniyat (soulfullness) 
Fanaa (destroy) 
Mehtab (moon) 
कशिश (attraction) 
इबादत (worship) 
बेखुदी (ecstasy) 
साहिल ( shore) 
नूर (light) 
ऐतबार (trust) 
Raqs (dance) 
जिजीविषा (the strong eternal)
                                                    --See more  
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END. So how was it? Our list of One word captions for instagram is well refined and made as per your requirement. Every one word caption is particularly relevant to your mood and upto the trends of 2020.
We make every possible effort to reduce your confusion related to captions and you can simply Copy Paste whichever you like.
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